Thursday, December 06, 2007

Organic Copenhagen

The sale of organic products in Copenhagen is dramatically on the rise. More restaurants, cafes and even hotels are riding the "green wave" that is pushing the city to a whole new level of eco-consciousness - far beyond the prevalent health food shops. Copenhagen has green ambitions, which is evident by the variety and quality of organic goods on offer.
Copenhagen is one of the organic world leaders
There is an explosive demand for Danish organic goods and only few other metropolitan cities in the world can match Copenhagen's share of consumption of organic foods: Today, the private sector's purchase of organic products in Copenhagen is about 10-12 percent, and 45 percent of all food consumed in the city's institutions is organic - that is the world's record. To ensure Copenhagen continued development, the environmental strategy "Environment Metropolis - Our Vision 2015" has set targets for organic food consumption up to 90 percent by 2015 in all of the city's institutions. The target for private businesses and households purchase and consumption is expected to reach at least 20 percent.
Gourmet organic food
Copenhageners' organic consciousness is also making its mark outside of the political world. A new league of restaurants, cafes and delis are sprouting up over the previous eco-community centres and vegetarian restaurants. Out with idealistic declarations and in with common sense, a desire for clean (Nordic) produce and sustainable relations with nature's resources. Copenhagen's shining star among these eateries is Geranium located in Kongens Have, the King's Garden. The restaurant is run by two of Denmark's best chefs, Rasmus Kofoed and Søren Ledet. The team uses organic and biodynamic ingredients exclusively - that goes for the wines as well which come from around the globe.Rasmus Kofoed describes Geranium's food as Danish and organic with a lot of vegetables and herbs. They enjoy updating classic dishes - for example serving a lavish version of a Danish stew. Rasmus Koefed is a double medallion winner of the prestigious Bocuse D'Or, the world cuisine contest, which is a chef's equivalent to a world championship.

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